The Story of Michael Iji - Master Designer

The Story of Michael Iji - Master Designer

The Story of Michael Iji - Master Designer

The Story of Michael Iji - Master Designer

The Story of Michael Iji - Master Designer

The Story of Michael Iji - Master Designer

The Story of Michael Iji - Master Designer

Michael Iji got his start as a tailor's apprentice in Abia State, Nigeria, at 14 years old. He was a natural and eventually used his acquired skills to design his own custom clothing and then setup his shop to do on-the-spot sewing, learning as he grew.


Crafting native clothing for Italians became integral as Michael later made his way through Italy for nearly ten years, before marrying and moving to the southern U.S., in 2010. He had also gained further training as a temporary sewer in Italian fashion houses.

Arriving in the U.S. during the economic crash, Michael quickly found his niche as an expert tailor - alterations’ specialist, gaining clients in several states yet quietly holding in the burning desire to exclusively design menswear, specifically formal & business shirts. After virtually thirty years developing his signature styles & techniques and running his own tailor shop in beautiful downtown Cary, North Carolina, Michael Iji let the cat out of the bag: He is now endeavoring to lift off on a whole different level by establishing his own name and brand on the world fashion scene.

“If you’re local to Cary, the Triangle, or surrounding states within a few hours, I invite you to come on over for a visit and learn what I do here. This is not just a random job that I picked up; this is my passion, my craft. I have honed my skills over about 30 years of sewing in three countries, and I continue to perfect my techniques of pant construction and shirt making.


Designing clothing is exciting, fun and fulfilling as I see ideas go from imagination to finished creation. I eagerly look forward to discussing your custom fashion needs with you!”

MICHAEL IJI was poised to present his debut collection of menswear, THAT’S IT, at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) in September 2019 but opportunity slipped away along with the followup plans for 2020.  But fear not, despite the ravages of Covid-19 on businesses everywhere, MICHAEL IJI Custom Design & Tailoring Studio is still holding it down in Cary.


THAT'S IT is a statement collection of style, passion, opportunity and faith. It carries the C-suite corporate man into the 21st century by taking those boardroom blues and conference room whites from office to evening to red carpet occasion with effortless ease.

And we have used the year of quarantine to build on our collection and add many more amazing designs to shirt the line. The bespoke-tailored clothing of MICHAEL IJI is custom-measured to fit to perfection. With the superior quality, attention to detail and personally handcrafted styling to fit each individual client, our staff looks forward to setting your appointment very soon!

  • Custom Clothier


  • Alterations


  • Master Tailor


  • Designer Menswear


  • Haute couture





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