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Blue Leaf Print

Michael Iji

- Lt blue multi-shade blue leaf prints


White Floral Trim

Michael Iji

- White with floral accents, red buttons


Blue Sky

Michael Iji

- button down, basic


Blue & White Check

Michael Iji

- button down, white collar & cuff

Dk Green Plaid

Michael Iji

- button down, long sleeve


Blue & Black Dots

Michael Iji

- dk. blue with black polka collar & cuff


Grey-Blue w/ Black

Michael Iji

- greyish w/ white geo & black accents


Abstract & Floral

Michael Iji

- black, white, blue floral mashup


Plum Pine & Floral

Michael Iji

- 2nd pattern mashup, varied features


Blue White Plaid

Michael Iji

- Lt blue squares outlined white


Blue Cross Pattern

Michael Iji

- sharp look, men's


Lt. Paisley Print

Michael Iji

- Dk print on light blue background


Black Stripe

Michael Iji

- long sleeve, white inner collar


Black & White Check

Michael Iji

- long sleeve check, white cuff


Grey & White Stripe

Michael Iji

- grey & white stripe, unique pattern


Grey & White 

Michael Iji

- white on gray pattern, long sleeve


Red & Blue on White

Michael Iji

- colored pattern on white backdrop


White on Blue Geo

Michael Iji

- white geometric circles on blue


Indigo Floral Print

Michael Iji

- Dk blue silk blend with floral print


Red Floral 2

Michael Iji

- button down, basic


Plum Pine Print

Michael Iji

- Leaf print and abstract mashup


Red & Black Solid

Michael Iji

- red shirt, black collar & cuff


Multi Blue Weave

Michael Iji

- mixed blue, white inner collar/cuff


Black w/ White Stripe

Michael Iji

- black stripe w/ white collar & cuff


Tan & White Check

Michael Iji

- white on tan w/ accents


Blue w/ Plum Pine

Michael Iji

- true blue solid w/ plum leaf collar / cuff


White w/ Black Accents

Michael Iji

- pure white shirt w/ black details


Gray White Dots

Michael Iji

- White on gray print, hidden buttons


Red Floral Print

Michael Iji

- White accents, hidden buttons


Black & White Plaid

Michael Iji

- button down, basic, short sleeve


Multi Blue Plaid

Michael Iji

- button down, long sleeve


Pink & White Plaid

Michael Iji

- pink, white & black, long sleeve


White & Black Stripe

Michael Iji

- even pattern of black on white stripes


Black Red Plaid

Michael Iji

- black, red, white orange plaid


Red & Blue Check

Michael Iji

- tiny red & blue graph pattern on white





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