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MICHAEL IJI On the Rise with Special Announcement

A growing number of locals are increasingly hearing about the exciting new fashions being created by MICHAEL IJI. Floral shirts for men, you say? Don't let the flowers fool you. These new floral shirts by MICHAEL IJI have unique features in their details that aren't ashamed to be masculine, giving them cool appeal and international flair.

The MICHAEL IJI line showcases intricate collar and button panel details that make his shirts one-of-a-kind creations, many of which are only available in limited quantity.

“Not mass producing all of my looks allows my clientele to remain original, with fresh & unique styles being presented on a regular or seasonal basis throughout the year. I certainly have hundreds of ideas that I haven’t even brought out yet. We’re just getting started really.”

Yes, his strong abilities in haute couture have not only kept his clientele completely satisfied, but has directly led to him catching the eye of some of the influencers behind New York Fashion Week. With that, we are delighted to announce that MICHAEL IJI Fashion International LLC, dba MICHAEL IJI Custom Design & Tailoring Studio in Cary, NC, has been selected to present his cutting-edge fashions at NYFW in September, 2019.

Michael is geared up to have an array of his designer shirts & slacks walk down the MODA Momentum runway during the 7 p.m. show on Saturday, September 7th. His collection will feature some very modern florals, exciting ‘date night’ designs and high fashion combinations that effortlessly transition from the boardroom to the ballroom. His theme highlights the gradual rise from his humble beginnings to being perched on high with opportunities, ready to soar.

The MICHAEL IJI staff look forwarding to presenting sneak peeks of those thrilling catwalk looks in the shop throughout the month of August. They are accepting new clients every day. Stop in soon and catch the MICHAEL IJI vision!

1371 SE Maynard Road, Cary NC, 27511

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