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High Fashion Menswear Designer, MICHAEL IJI, on Being Extra for his Clients

On any given weekday, Michael Iji is in his studio, engaged with customers, pinning a garment, discussing a design or in some other way making sure the measurements are just right.

“I don’t want anyone to walk away disappointed. I try every means to give my clients extra attention and their garments the greatest care. I want my customers to leave satisfied to an extra degree with the results of my work, so that they can continue to recommend me to their family and friends. This is how we started and what has been central to growing the business. If I didn’t do a good job, I wouldn’t have any new work.”

But if you’ve had the chance to experience him at his craft, you know that he doesn’t just do a good job. His work is immaculate. His knowledge of cut, shape and fit are precise. His pairing of fabrics and styles has led to a collection of original looks that are nothing short of exceptional!

His designs line the walls of Michael Iji Custom Design & Tailoring Studio, which he opened in its new location, July 2018.

“I have learned a lot with opening this studio. And isn’t that the purpose of our life experiences – to learn and grow? Sometimes, we can have high expectations that, unfortunately, business and circumstances might now allow us to meet up with. But I’ve personally learned many lessons from past business dealings and I’m grateful that we were able to get off to a great start here and we keep our outlook positive that we will continue to build on a good foundation.”

The MICHAEL IJI custom shirts feature his signature hidden button style, unique front panel designs and trim cuts. He has explored a number of floral print combinations with basic whites and blues, but has also been introducing floral & leaf print mashups to his line.

Come over and check out the new shop at 1371 SE Maynard Road in Cary, NC, or go to to make an immediate appointment. You’re going to love the unique details that offer a cool, exciting and fresh twist to your everyday wardrobe!

Visit or call us today!

+1 (919) 694-5440

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